Counterform Distritbution Oy will not sell or disclose your phone number, email or physical address or any other propriortary information to any outside vendor. From time to time we may share basic information with our contracted partners so that we may gather information we use only to improve our products and services. This information will only be used to serve you better and will never be shared outside our private networks.

Shipping and returns
Order confirmation will be sent to customer via email after order has been done.
Eligible returns are as follows: Unopened packaging within 14 days of customer receiving order.
Refund: Customer must contact us in writing within 14 days of receiving order. Please email to initiate a return confirmation.
We refund your money in the same way you paid.
We process refunds within one week after receiving the returned products.
You must pay for all standard shipping costs (shipping and return) on your order.